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Please check back as we are working on online stores for school uniforms.  

Faith Christian School Uniform Policy

Faith Christian School has a uniform policy for all students.  It is our belief that uniforms improve the Christian learning environment in several important aspects:

1. Reduce non-academic distractions. Less stress on parents.
2. Improved relations between students and teachers.
3. Improved feeling of community.
4. Safety and reduced student behavioral problems.


  • White, Navy, or Light Blue Blouse, Polo Shirt.
  • Navy Blue or Khaki Skirts, Dresses
  • Navy Blue or Khaki Uniform Pants or shorts
  • Jumpers, Skorts that come to the knee.
  • Comfortable Shoes, No Flip Flops or Sandals
  • Shoes may not be open-toe or open-heel.


  • Navy, White or Light Blue Polo, Button-up Shirt.
  • Navy Blue or Khaki Shorts, Pants.
  • Comfortable Shoes. No Flip Flops or Sandals
  • Shoes may not be open-toe or open-heel.

Casual Day Attire

Every Friday is considered a casual day. On casual days, students may wear casual and modest clothing. Please refrain from inappropriate language, graphics, short skits, short dresses, or shorts.

Students may wear spirit-wear hoodies, sweatshirts, shirts, or t-shirts on any day of the week. 

Students may only wear spirit-wear sweatpants on casual days.