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Tuition and Fees

Faith Christian School believes that Christian education should be affordable. We desire that as many children as possible receive a Christ-centered education.  The current rates for the 2024-2025 school year are listed below.

2024-2025 School Year



Non-Refundable Application Fee                                                            $150.00
Senior Graduation Fee                                                                              $100.00
Kindergarten Graduation Fee                                                                  $50.00
Curriculum Fee:  Due June 1, 2022

  • K-3 to K5                                                                                           $200.00
  • 1st to 6th Grade                                                                               $400.00
  • 7th to 12th Grade                                                                             $500.00

*Curriculum costs are not subject to any discounts and are due at the time of registration.


K3 - K4                                                                                                          $4,500.00 
K-5 - 12th Grades                                                                                        $3,850.00

     Tuition Options

  • Option #1- Payment in Full
  • Option #2- First half due by August 1st; Remainder due by January 5th.
  • Option #3- 10 Monthly installments of $385.00 or $450.00 (K3-K4)

Payments are due on the 1st of every month, beginning August 1st.
A late fee of $40.00 will be assessed after the 5th of the month and the student may not be permitted to attend until payment is received or arrangements are made.  

Family Tuition Table

# of Students 

1 $3,850.00 
2 $7,350.00
3 $9,950.00
4 $11,700.00
5 $12,800.00


1 $385.00
2 $735.00
3 $995.00
4 $1,170.00                 5 $1,280.00 


1 $3,850.00                 2 $7,350.00 
3 $9,950.00 
4 $11,700.00 
5 $12,800.00 


1 $1,925.00
2 $3,675.00
3 $4,975.00
4 $5,850.00
5 $6,400.00

*Discounts are given to siblings living in the same household.  Discount does not apply to K3-K4


Faith Christian School offers an Extended Care Program for families who need extended hours of care.  Regular school hours are 8:15 am-3:30 pm.  Children who are dropped off before 7:45 am and/or not picked up by 3:30 pm will be placed in our Before/After School program.  

Before-School Care opens at 7:00 am.  Children will be permitted to eat breakfast, work on activities and play until they move to their classrooms at 8:00 am.

After-School Care begins at 3:30 pm and closes no later than 5:00 pm.

*Extended care is not available on days that Faith Christian School is closed or on half days.

Extended Care Fees

Extended Care is $12.00 per hour, per family, billed in quarter-hour increments.  

Example:  If a child is picked up at 4:40 pm, the fee would be $15.00.  
                   ($12.00 for the first hour and $3.00 for the quarter-hour)

  • Extended Care tuition is billed monthly.  The tuition period runs through the end of the month.
  • Extended Care statements will be billed monthly and distributed five days later.  
  • Payments are due before the 15th of the following month.  

Late Fees

If a student is picked up after 5:00pm, the late fee is $1.00 per minute.

Extended Care payments paid after the invoice due date will be assessed a $40.00 late fee.  This late fee is due at the time of payment.


Registration Fee and Book Fees are non-refundable.  If you withdraw your child(ren)during the school year, you may keep all of the books and materials you purchased.

A partial tuition refund may be available when you pay annually or semi-annually.  There will be no refund for any month where the student attended FCS.

If you are on the monthly payment plan, no refund will be given in the event of withdrawal unless you have paid in advance.  For example, if you paid January and February payments with your December payment and your child does not return after Christmas break, January and February would be refundable because your child did not attend school during those months.  

There will be no refunds given for students who withdraw after they have attended classes in the current month.  For example, if your child has attended classes until the 10th of the month and then withdrawals, there will be no pro-rating or refund issued for that month.

I absolutely love FCS! The faculty and staff are amazing. Our children absolutely love school and our family is so blessed to have found FCS!

FCS Parent