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Please Read Carefully:

General Policy

It is essential that all students be regular in their school attendance.   In order for a student to get the most out of classes, they need to be in attendance and on time.  Absences are classified as excused and unexcused.  

If an absence is foreseeable, please contact your child’s teacher prior to being absent to make arrangements for missed work. Each student has the same number of days as they are absent to make up missed work.  

Attendance is mandatory for participation in After-School activities. 

Any student who leaves before or arrives after 11:15 am on a scheduled day of school will be counted as absent for the day.

Excused Absences 

Excused absences include a doctor’s appointment, an illness verified by a parent, a family funeral, a driving test, an approved college visit, an approved vacation (maximum of 5 days as excused, any vacation days beyond 5 are counted as unexcused) or any other absence coordinated in advance with the approval of the head of school.  Students will need to complete an “Absentee Form” for each day absent. 

Unexcused Absences

Absence from school, for any of the reasons not listed above, is considered unexcused. 

Please complete and submit the School Absence Form

School Absence Form