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Welcome to Faith Christian Schools' Elementary School

In FCS’s Elementary School, students are building a strong foundation for future learning. Our elementary faculty creates classroom experiences based on a Biblical worldview and utilizes traditional academic skills. We believe that students are most impressionable during their elementary years and this is why the teachers at FCS are not only qualified educators but are also exemplary Christ followers. That’s why we take these years so seriously at FCS and why we focus on being the kind of people we want our young students to become.

The elementary school is marked by FCS’s overall commitment to Christian education.  Walking by a classroom, it is common to see teachers using fun activities to engage students in learning.  Oftentimes you will see a teacher working one-on-one with students ensuring they understand what is being taught. We understand that individual elementary students learn in different ways, and we work hard to meet the needs of each of our students.

During the formative elementary years, FCS strives in training students to have Christian character, to love Jesus, their family, and their country. The curriculum primarily used in the elementary school is Abeka.  Abeka is a reputable Christian publishing company that has produced Christian school curricula since 1972. 

FCS Curriculum  K5 Curriculum 1st Grade curriculum 2nd grade curriculum  3rd grade curriculum  4th grade curriculum

5th grade curriculum  6th grade curriculum

If you have any questions concerning your child and our elementary school, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Your child is loved at Faith Christian School and our team of dedicated teachers will do everything within our power to help them succeed. 

Donna Shenenberger

Elementary School Director